Staying on Track with Pregnancy Weight Gain

5Weight gain is inevitable if you have a growing baby inside of you. But most of the time, pregnant women gain more than they should because of the mindset that having a baby gives them permission to indulge themselves.

If you want to stay on top of your health for the complete duration of your pregnancy to avoid complications and also to make childbirth easier, staying on track with pregnancy weight gain is a must. This is going to be quite difficult, given how expectant moms usually develop this insatiable hunger, but with dedicated monitoring, you can better control your cravings and stick to the personal management plan that will benefit you.

One of the things your OB GYN will advise you to do for the management of your weight is to keep a journal. You can write down everything you consume every day to see if you’re having too much or too little of something that may compromise your health as well as the baby’s. Journaling will also help you monitor your weight gain to see if you’re staying within a healthy range or if you need to implement more lifestyle changes to effectively manage your pregnancy weight gain.

The things you put in your journal include your pregnancy diet, the different supplements the doctor prescribed, and your exercise program.

When it comes to a healthy pregnancy diet, you need to make sure that you uphold the important principles of pregnancy nutrition. Your doctor or a dietitian can help you with this so you get your unique dietary or nutrition needs.

Another thing you need to keep track of is your water consumption. That’s because pregnancy requires adequate hydration not only for the health of the baby, but also for your personal wellness since you’re prone to dry mouth during pregnancy. Drinking plenty of water can make you feel fuller too, and can help control your desire to eat more than you should.

Lastly, you need to keep track of your physical activities as well. Discuss the exercises you can do with a healthcare provider and how often you should perform these exercises so you can stay within the healthy weight range for you. Physical activities, however, aren’t only for weight management; they’ll also help in boosting your energy and overcoming some of the discomforts you’re feeling, so it’s crucial to include details about them in your journal.

Ensuring healthy pregnancy weight gain can be easy if you keep track of what you’re going through. So try and learn to enjoy in journaling; it will be an advantage for you, and at the same time, you can create something tangible to remind you in the future of this special time in your life.


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