Best Gourmet Popcorn In Phoenix – The Best Snack For Family Movie Times

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Ever since you were a child, one of the favorite activities in your home is watching movies. You have fond memories of weekends where you and your siblings rush to the car to watch the latest kid-friendly flick together with your parents. Those were such wonderful memories that you even recreate the memorable scenes and still mimic the hilarious lines whenever you have a family get-together now that you are all grownups.

One of the best memories that come with those family movie times at the cinema are the huge tub of popcorns and sodas that you eagerly devour while your eyes are glued on the big screen. You remember consuming half your tub even before the movie begins and fighting with your younger brothers and sisters for their last few kernels. There is no doubt in your mind that movie-watching is not the same without this signature snack.

Reliving the experience with a bit of enhancement

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Today, technology has greatly improved that you have a number of options to choose from when it comes to watching your favorite actors. The cinema is no longer the only place to go; you can now watch both new and classic films on your laptop, your home entertainment theater, or your smartphone.

But for a lot of people, one thing remains, watching a movie is best enjoyed when you are watching with your family. And the movie just cannot start without a big bowl of popcorn within easy reach.

In Arizona, locals are lucky to buy the best gourmet popcorn in Phoenix instead of just the ordinary popcorn. An exciting range of savory and sweet popcorn flavors are being offered by Old Town Popcorn and Candy Co. so that you are certain to get the flavor that will suit your tastes. Among your choices include the classic Plain popcorn, Butter Toffee, Chili Lime, Prickly Pear, Dill Pickle, Salt and Vinegar, Banana, Strawberry, and Chunky Monkey popcorn. You are sure that, with all these assorted flavors you can share and pass around, your movie night will be another memorable family experience to cherish.

Creating new and colorful memories


Your movie-watching experience today can be a lot similar to your childhood memories but with addition of happy new details.

Nowadays, all of you will still be rushing to get the best part of the couch or to get hold of the fluffiest pillows and ensure a comfortable place in the living room while watching the movie. Since you are all grownups now, some of you may be sipping from a glass of wine or bottles of ice-cold beer during the show. But the popcorn is still there; only this time, you and your parents will be munching on Jalapeno Cheddar or Garlic Parmesan popcorn, while your sweet-toothed kids will be grabbing handfuls of Chocolate, Confetti, Caramel Apple and Pizza-flavored popcorn while watching. You can switch your flavor choices every time you schedule movie nights so that the family will be get a pleasant surprise and enjoy a new popcorn experience.

Your family movie night tradition will be more fun, comforting, and sentimental than before because Old Town Popcorn and Candy Co. have added different flavors to their best-quality gourmet popcorn.